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From Rev. Judith


Evangelism!  I wonder what comes to mind when you hear that word.  For some it will be images of door knocking, Billy Graham, or soap boxes.  For some it will bring feelings of embarrassment, apprehension, guilt, excitement, fear – probably a range of emotions right across the board.


As I write this letter I remember that yesterday’s Gospel was the story about Philip.  Now Philip was a brand new disciple.  He may not even have half understood what he believed yet. But he knew Jesus was the best thing he had ever heard of.  Jesus was simply too good to keep to himself.  He couldn’t help himself.  He had to talk about him.  He had to tell his friend Nathaniel.

This story makes me think about the people in my own life who have helped me to grow in my faith; Sunday School teachers, friends and past Vicars.  If I were to ask each one of you, you would all have different story – we’ve all been in need of someone to lead us to Jesus.  And how blessed we are when someone has cared enough to lead us gently on in our faith; how thankful we can be that someone has cared enough about us to invite and guide us in our Christian journey.


We all have a different story to tell, don’t we?  Some of us may have had a very gradual awakening to the knowledge of Jesus as our Lord and Saviour.  For some of you, it may have been a sudden realisation of who Jesus is and what he means to you.  You may have been young when you first met Jesus or it may have been later in your life.  It could have been a long time ago or a few days.  But I’m almost sure that someone will have influenced or perhaps just helped you on your way to becoming a Christian and a member of God’s Church.


Now Philip was very wise, because he didn’t try to win his friend round with theological discussions, or long arguments.  He simply said, “Come and see.”


And that is what we are inviting our communities to do at the beginning of February.  We have planned a weekend of events across the parishes, and the idea is for each one of us to invite someone – perhaps a family member, a friend, a work-colleague or a neighbour – to any or all of these events.  You will have seen posters advertising the weekend; and also, at church, there are invitation cards for you to give out.  Please pray for this weekend, and prayerfully think about who you could invite.

Not all of us are called to be super evangelists – there is only one Billy Graham, only one Paul the Apostle.  These people have their particular gifts to be used in certain ways and places.  But as we have all been blessed by someone helping us in our faith, so I encourage you to be a blessing in turn to someone who needs to know the Good News of Jesus in their own lives. 


God spreads his Good News about Jesus mostly through ordinary people in ordinary circumstances – often one to one.  All we are asked to do is to invite people to “Come and See.”


God bless,



Mission & Outreach

I just wanted to let you know about three initiatives that we are looking a:

-       Support for people who are bereaved.  We are working with Trinity Hospice to set up something called Stepping Stones.  We don’t want counsellors or advice-givers, we want listeners who could spare just two hours every month or two.

-       Lyrics & Lunch.  This will be aimed at those with Dementia and their carers.  Again, the commitment is likely to be a couple of hours once every month or two.

-       Youth (People aged eleven and over).  We are going to be working with the Diocesan Youth Officer to look at the adequacy, quality, and frequency of what we provide and consider what we could do to improve things.  Before I bring him over to start work with us, I need a team of people who can share the workload, again a couple of hours a month.

If you would be willing to help with any of these projects, please get in touch.  01253 799895 or  Thank you.


Fr Andy