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To say these are strange times, would be a massive understatement.  Most of what we thought of as ‘normal’ has disappeared, priorities have changed, and the future remains unclear.  When we sent the questionnaires out last year, I used the analogy of orienteering and the need to stop occasionally, check your bearings, and direction of travel.  Little did I know that we were about to be forced into a very harsh and strict version of just that. 


Frustrating and difficult though things continue to be at present, there is no reason to despair.  Many good things have come out of this ‘wilderness’ that we have been going through and, if we can hold on to those, the future could be amazing.  I am reminded of the Israelites who, led by Moses, left the certainties of life in Egypt and entered a wilderness of uncertainty, confusion, argument, and division before reaching their ‘Promised Land’.  Under Joshua’s leadership, they stepped out in faith, with God’s words ringing in their ears. “Be strong and courageous; do not be frightened or dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.’ (Joshua 1:9).


I am no Joshua and I am not expecting us to do mortal combat with the people of Over Wyre, slay them, and take possession of their land but I firmly believe, from responses I’ve had to Facebook posts and through other media, that there are people desperate to hear the good news that we bring; people who need the joy and hope that only comes from knowing Jesus.  We won’t be fighting armies, chariots, and swords, we will be fighting apathy, distraction, and other tools of Satan but it is a fight nonetheless; a fight for the souls of those searching for ‘something’, for the lost and the confused.  Our weapons include prayer, the Bible, Christian action, truth, mercy, tolerance, and justice.  It is a fight God has promised we can win.  So, join me; let’s win Over Wyre for Jesus and let His kingdom come.  Amen.

Fr Andy