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St James Church, Stalmine

Hello, and welcome to our website, and to
St. James'.  We are an Anglican parish church, situated in the Over Wyre village of Stalmine, about 8 miles north-east of Blackpool.  Our services are spirit-filled, often informal and always friendly, and visitors are always offered a warm welcome.

The Vicar for the five Over Wyre parishes is Father Andy Shaw, to whom enquiries should be directed.

Please see the "Church Activites - Calendar" tab for details of services and other events.  Also, see the "Prayer" tab for details of the monthly prayer diary.


In 2007, the church building was extended, and we now have much more space that includes a parish office, kitchen, toilets, larger meeting rooms and extra facilities for our young people. There is a crèche in church, a loop system, a good sound system and  a video projector screen. We are child- and wheelchair-friendly and have extra facilities for those with special needs, such as disabled toilets and ramps.  We have recently re-carpeted and redecorated the main meeting room, and provided it with new chairs, so it is looking really smart.

The village Post Office normally operates from the Parish Office on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays (apart from Bank Holidays.)

We hope you find this web site interesting and helpful, and enjoy learning more about our church and area.  Come and join us, you are most welcome.  (If, in your view, the web site could be improved, please let us know!)


With every blessing in the name of Jesus.

See Calendar Tab for details of services. 

The church building is open during the day for private prayer, as usual.  Parish churches in Hambleton, Preesall, Stalmine, and Pilling are open from 10.00 - 15.00.


COVID UPDATE - 19th July 

It is likely that we will be able to 'unlock' the restrictions imposed under Covid from today.  The diocesan Coronavirus Task Force has issued some guidance and I have been considering our approach.  We need to bear in mind that this release from lockdown will have a mixed reception and rushing it will frighten/worry some people.  Consequently, I think a staged approach would be best and I have set out below what I believe to be a sensible approach, based on what we know people have said they miss most.



Sunday 1 August

- Social distancing reduced to 1 metre

- Face coverings still to be worn when moving about but may be removed when seated

- Holy Communion will continue to be administered as in July

- Refreshments after the service may resume.  No need for table service, but those serving will need to wear face coverings. Customers will need to wear face coverings whilst collecting refreshments but may remove them when sitting down

- Sanitising; and test & trace recording continue

- All previously closed off areas may be reopened


Sunday 5 September

- Social distancing ceases

- Face coverings no longer mandatory

- Sanitising; and test & trace recording cease

- Communion in both kinds resumes (People who wish to will be able to drink from the chalice - there will be no dipping/dunking wafers as there is as much risk from fingers as from lips)

- Worshippers will come to the altar rail to receive communion, if they are physically able to do so

- Sharing of the Peace using appropriate (acceptable to the recipient) physical contact (hugs, handshakes, etc.) resumes



1. The current order of service for Holy Communion will continue to be used until use of the chalice resumes.

2. I will produce a new order of service for Holy Communion for use in all churches across the benefice from September.  This will include the Gloria and Creed but will aim to retain accessible language.

3. All churches need to provide an area for anyone wishing to continue to socially distance.

4. People may continue to wear face coverings if they wish.

5. People are free to avoid physical contact at the Peace if they prefer.

6. People are free to receive Holy Communion as bread only if they prefer.

7. No one is to be made to feel uncomfortable in any way for the choices that they make.


If you have any concerns or questions about the above, please contact me on 01253 799895 or


Rev Andy Shaw

Vicar of Over Wyre


As many of you may know, the parish has been without a Parish Safeguarding Officer (PSO) for some time now.  Mr Peter Swarbrick, volunteered recently to take this role on and I am very grateful to him for doing so and for the focus and energy he is applying to this task. The safeguarding of all people, especially children and vulnerable adults, is an important matter in all parishes and I hope that the knowledge that we now have an active PSO will be reassuring for you.  


Being new to the role, Peter will have a steep learning curve and, due to the extensive period the parish has had without someone in the role, there is a big initial workload while he gets the parish at the level of safeguarding assurance that the diocese expects and that we all should desire.


I hope that you will keep him in your prayers and give him any practical help he may need in this large and important task and that you will feel able to support any requests/demands he may need to make of you.


Thank you in anticipation.


Please keep yourselves safe and well.


Rev Andy Shaw